Brand Story

Pat Love’s story begins in Hawaii with a group of passionate friends, living their
surf culture by dreaming in front of «The Endless Summer», in a spirit of freedom,
hedonism and carefree, rich in encounters and trips.
In the context of non-conformity, the foundations of Pat Love are laid: the good taste
is bland and insignificant. Beauty is in eccentricity and difference.
Over the years, the brand has forged a strong identity, partly thanks to the influence
of Italian design and to instinctive graphic choices that are both asserted and offbeat.

Our DNA: Surf Origins – Instinct – (whith) Style

Today Pat Love is a brand deeply rooted in the world of windsurfing and other water sports.
Over time, the brand has forged its own identity, sometimes eccentric, sometimes wiser and
more classic, but always faithful to a well-known motto: “fashion becomes out of date, style never”